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» List of Unknowns (Updated: 6th December)
Sun 11 Sep 2011, 12:41 pm by Chuen


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List of Unknowns (Updated: 6th December)

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List of Unknowns (Updated: 6th December)

Post by Chuen on Sun 11 Sep 2011, 12:41 pm

The following are names that are considered as an Unknown account and will therefore not be activated:

Idea andromeda [10 Nov 2011]
Idea chezo [12 Nov 2011]
Idea ForCeOne [12 Nov 2011]
Idea norman007 [13 Nov 2011]
Idea jrubi [15 Nov 2011]
Idea coltonrushton111 [19 Nov 2011]
Idea kmoises [21 Nov 2011]
Idea Dhefan [22 Nov 2011]
Idea FallingDoom [02 Dec 2011]
Idea pieterdef [06 Dec 2011]

afro Amount of Unknowns created in the month of ;
August '11 : 0
September '11 : 3
October '11 : 29
November '11 : 9
December'11 : N/A

Shocked There are only three reasons why your account is listed above ;
a) You did not register with your game name, (or)
b) You are not a corps member, (or)
c) You are unable to be identified by a forum Admin.

Shocked What happens if your account is considered as an unknown?
Arrow Your forum account WILL NOT be activated.

Shocked Contact the forum Admin or post a new topic under the "Forum Help Required" category if you wish to change your Forum username.

Forum Admins :
cyclops Chuen
cyclops Swarm133

pirat NEW RULE (6th October) ;
Arrow Unknown accounts that are not claimed and are older than 30 days will be deleted.

affraid So far, 34 Unknown account have been deleted.

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